What to do while the rest of the family is on vacation?

Something is wrong with this picture.

Pink gloved freezer cleaning

Husband Steve is cavorting with his brothers in the Basque motherland.   My older child, a college junior, is leading a group of incoming freshmen on a kayaking expedition in the glorious Pacific Northwest.   Child #2 is off to orchestra camp, to spend a week playing Grieg, Stravinsky and Wagner with 100 of her new best friends. 

And I am home, defrosting the freezer.

Ice chest during freezer cleaning

Everything fits in the ice chest for temporary storage, with the exception of these two orphaned containers of ice cream:

Orphaned ice cream containers

I think I will just eat them.

On the plus side, I have control of the soundtrack -- a rare occurrence in my house.   I am usually the last one to grab the family iPod.   But today, I have the chance to choose the music -- and the mood.

First stop:  self-pity!   Soundtrack:   Edith Piaf, because she, too, suffered greatly:


But that gets old after about two songs (one and a half, unless one of them is "La Vie en Rose").   Besides, the sheer exuberance of scientific curiosity gets the better of me pretty quickly (soundtrack:   Particle Man, by They Might Be Giants).   Here is the bowl of ice I scraped off the bottom of my freezer, chunky with God-knows-what food bits and general filth:

Bowl of dirty ice from freezer cleaning

I'm quite sure that if I were to defrost this and culture it in some appropriate substrate, I'd discover the next penicillin, a miracle cure for something dreadful.   I nominate head lice.

I have this nagging feeling that I could perhaps get the most out of this experience if I could only surrender myself to the here and now, and capture the Zen of freezer-cleaning.   (Soundtrack:  The Gyuto Monks):


But not really.   Because Zen is incompatible with nagging feelings, and also probably with pink rubber gloves.

I think, in the end, I will need to settle for the satisfaction of a job well done (soundtrack:   Queen's "We Are the Champions").   Just look at this:

Freshly cleaned freezer

Magnificent!   From now on, nobody eats out of it but me.

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