Lessons from the Subway

Last week, I turned 59. 

This week, I got on a moderately crowded Orange Line car, and a young man near the door promptly offered me his seat.   A few hours later, when I boarded a slightly-less-crowded Orange Line car…

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The Bear Facts

I am pleased to report that during my 10 days in Montana, I was not mauled by a bear.

This happy outcome is not what I was led to expect.  Bear warnings are everywhere in western Montana. This sign greeted…

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Mother of the Bride, Part 3

The central signifiers of a traditional Jewish wedding are the canopy and the glass broken under the heel of the groom.  You probably know this even if you’ve never been to a Jewish wedding because of the wedding scene in…

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Mother of the Bride, Part 2

When Steve and I got engaged, 34 years ago, we had all sorts of ideas about the kind of wedding we’d like to have.  These ideas included a tent in my parents’ backyard, a Klezmer band, and a potluck meal…

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Mother of the Bride, Part 1

For the first time in my life, I have a handbag that matches my shoes. 

This is because my daughter is about to get married, and I am trying to be a Class Act.

Shopping for a Mother of the…

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Recipe Notes

My whole family loved this dish – even the kids, who are terribly picky, and have avowed never to let a vegetable cross their lips.  They didn’t even notice the onions and the garlic!   Will definitely add this to the…

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The Rules of Engagement

This blog post is a plea for guidance.

Like so many people my age, I am swimming in uncharted waters.   Norms have changed.  There are rules of engagement, but I no longer know them.   There is a whole new set…

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The story behind the song

It is April, and the world is springing into bud and bloom in a way that fills every morning with hope and delight.   Just today, I found that the pea, arugula and broccoli raab seeds that I planted in my…

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Yoga, Then and Now

Spring, 2019

All it takes for me to feel good is to walk in and put down my mat. 

I really like my new yoga studio.  It’s small, a single storefront room, with brick walls and limited HVAC (more precisely…

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