At 3:15, Hannah's going to Hebrew School
I'm also taking Benny, Barry and Jake
4:15, Annie's going to music school
I picked one in Cambridge -- big mistake!
5:15, I'm returning from Longy, bumper to bumper the length of the Pike
Eight years old and carrying a tuba:  
But honey, next Tuesday, you're riding your bike!
I've got the Carpool Blues (you've got it bad!)
The Carpool Blues (worst that I've had!)
Mom's the boss, but this mother's cross
And driving this carpool is my albatross!
I was so delighted when Jill started softball
My girl should be strong, athletic and fit!
I was so excited when Jill made the travel team:
She can throw!  She can run!   She can hit!
Now three days a week, I'm driving to practice
I'm schlepping to games all over the state
Next season we're going to try something different --
Competitive Nintendo sounds pretty great!
I've got the Carpool Blues (Oh, my!)
The Carpool Blues (I could lay down and die!)
It's the Grand Prix of the bourgeoisie
Driving this carpool is murdering me!
Last year I went out and purchased a Prius
To save the planet while cruising the streets
Now I find I'm a carpool pariah
All you've got are three seats!
Now I'm driving alone to gymnastics and basketball
To swimming, karate, and pottery class
I'm trading in my Prius for a Chevy Suburban
Just to save on the cost of the gas!
I got the Carpool Blues (Couldn't be worse!)
Carpool Blues (it's a mother's curse!)
Foot on the gas, I don't mean to be crass,
But driving this carpool.....
I got the Carpool Blues, and it's got me so sad
The Carpool Blues, it's driving me mad!
Foot on the gas, I don't mean to be crass, but driving this carpool
Is a pain in the hatchback!