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Live well, eat longer

I am sitting in a vacation cottage in Maine, watching the late afternoon sun glint off the water, listening to the calling of the gulls.  It is lovely and peaceful.   What a treat to let my mind wander at such moments, wherever it wants to go, contemplating the great and small questions of the universe:    what's for dinner?   And is it too soon to start cooking?

Don't mess with the mama bear

Probably my favorite song from "Songs of Domestic Bliss" -- and now with a video, in case you're one of those people who prefers to watch your music rather than just listening.   Or you can just listen, on the Music page or the sidebar to the left.

Let me just say right now that I was working on this song long before Sarah Palin was a gleam in John McCain's eye.....

Whitey Bulger in the Garden

I am one of those people who feels most alive when my hands are plunged wrist-deep in compost-enriched soil.  But before you imagine me working my way into a Zen-like state of oneness with all things, let me set the record straight.  I see a tomato hornworm burrowing into one of my Brandywines, and I turn into Tony Soprano.

The Singing Mammogram

You've heard of singing telegrams....why not a singing mammogram?   Click on "read more" to watch the video -- and then forward it to your over-40 woman friends!

Empty nest trial run

The first weekend of our empty nest trial run culminated in a wild naked bicycle ride through the streets of Cambridge.

New blog! New album! New me!

I am itching to record a second album.  

My first album, “Songs of Domestic Bliss,” sold like hotcakes.   I can say that because nobody, in 2013, buys hotcakes; who even knows what hotcakes are?   In the final tally, gross sales of the album made almost enough to pay for the snacks that I fed to my musician friends--almost, but not quite, because at one point Steve made martinis for the crowd using really expensive gin.    (And don’t ask about net album proceeds.  There were no net proceeds.)

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